September 13, 2010

Weekend Trek

I meant to post this yesterday but we were both still kinda under the weather which is why I haven't posted lately on here.

We started our Sunday out with a trip to a local flea market which turned out to have a lot of Halloween treasures hidden through (sorry no real photos, was baking like a lobster lol) One item someone was selling really caught my eye enough to snap a photo of it, an 1854 tombstone (sorry for the blurry photo, took it real quick) Strange thing to see at a flea market really. Makes you wonder how it ended up here, since there are many ways for that to happen. The man was asking $150.00 for it.

We left the flea market with one item, surprisingly. A pumpkin candle holder.

After spending a good few hours eying all the Halloween stuff we made our way to Target to see if they have gotten their Halloween goodies out in which they did, here's the photos we took.

Pumpkin Poptarts!!!

Emergency Chocolate

For immediate relief of: Halloween mayhem, fake Frakensteins, plastic spiders and fake blood.
Directions for use: Snap off into single pieces and throw at suspects from the nearest window. Break into bigger pieces and throw if suspect returns with big brother or a large wooden object. If truly desperate hand over entire bar to these extortionist and retire.

That's it for now, I'll post more photos from Home Goods since they've gotten more since our last trip there.

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