September 16, 2010

Pumpkin Massacre..

The skies darkened as the tree cutters came..we knew they were coming but not this soon..they were told to handle the pumpkins with kid gloves...these words were not heeded.

When the tree cutters left (without a word of what they did) is when we saw what they did to the pumpkins.

Our pumpkin vines were torn from the ground, strewn about the yard..a piece here, a piece there..a Pumpkin Massacre in our front yard. Even the green beans that were being guarded by the pumpkins were killed.

The damage done was not caused by the tree branches but were torn from the ground and thrown to the side like garbage.

These huge vines were all growing straight, now they lay mangled, broken and rootless. Ichabod took a gash to the top, Lil' Jack's roots were gone and the leaves near him look like a weed whacker was taken to them.

We harvested Lil's Jack in hopes he'll finish turning orange on the porch.

We have no idea if Ichabod will survive with his head wound and with barely any good vine left with him. And he had such a penitential to grow more..

(We did not hire these tree cutters, the land lord did. We thought they weren't going to come for a while as it looked like it was going to rain. They were told to not touch/move the pumpkins or the vines.)

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