August 28, 2009

Halloween Explosion

Huge post this time, stopped at three different stores and took a lot of photos. I also found something I never knew existed, pumpkin salt water taffy. I saw it at HomeGoods, I think I may just get it next time we go there. I have a growing list of things to get lol.

This layout will have to do for now! Not finished with my homemade one yet, too tired to re-add everything to the blog at this moment. I'll have an update tomorrow too.

August 27, 2009

Update (I suck at titles)

Yesterday didn't go as planned but I still have goodies to show you from Party America, very few though.

August 26, 2009

A lil update

I'm going to be redoing the layout of the blog and changing a few things, so this is a warning that things might get buggy in the next few days. On another note, I'll be making a Halloween related post later, that's if we go out today! lol

August 24, 2009

Return trip to Michaels

Made another trip out to Michael's to see if they put anymore out, in which they did. Wanted a lot of it to lol. We walked out with two items, surprisingly. I want to know when Halloween started breeding with Christmas? Just look at the pumpkin like snowmen, pumpkinmen?