October 3, 2009

FrightFest Part 2

FrightFest started yesterday so we decided to go on the first day of it. They opened up the park at 5pm but they really didn't get things rolling till about 6pm. We went on the Terror Train first, which the first part is more for kids, well the second half wasn't scary but kids might think differently lol. I got a few videos of it, I just might post them later on. I don't know if it was because it was the start of the season but there weren't many monsters roaming around the park like they say on signs and the paper they give out. They also charge 5 bucks each to go on the Haunted Hayride and 5 bucks each for The Farmhouse Haunted Mansion, buying a season pass really doesn't get you much for FrightFest though we might break down and go to one of them later. We talked to a couple while we rode the Ferris wheel and they said they used to not charge for the haunted houses. We had a great time anyway, some of the props they have in areas are great while others were meh, I love the Headless Horseman the most. Had the best Pumpkin Fudge I've had in a while too, very yummy.

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