September 6, 2009

Win My Flowery Shorts!

No, not mine, Raven's Barrow! I've been a big fan of his site for a while, love getting new posts in my email when I log in. My one stop for news about Horror and Halloween, subscribe to him if you haven't already! He currently has a contest running, I will show you a bit here but you need to go to his site for the rest of it.

I’ve got too much stuff around and since I’m hitting cons this month there will soon be more. Thus I plan to give some of it to one lucky winner. It’s the “Win My Flowery Shorts” contest here at the Barrow. The name will make sort of sense once you watch the video above - it’s really horrible but you gotta suffer if you want free stuff. If you can’t see it then click - Cheesy Doofus Thinks He Can Act and Do Comedy. Here’s the deal.

Click here for the rest.

It is really nice of these blog owners to do this, so show them some support :)

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