September 8, 2008

Oldies but goodies Part 1

I remember when Disney had great Halloween movie (don’t get me wrong, kinda like the Halloweentown movie series) I spent forever trying to remember a movie they showed in the 80’s till I found it on YouTube, ah I love that site for helping me relive those moments.

Mr. Boogedy

The movie came out in 1986, they also rerunned it years after it came out. I remember watching that and the part that stuck out at me and made me remember it was sweeper part and toys coming to life after the current home owners.

A novelty-salesman moves his family into a new house in Lucifer Falls, New England. At first they think all the strange happenings are because of their Dad goofing off and the fact that it’s a new house. They find out that the place is haunted by a pilgrim named William Hanover, AKA Mr. Boogedy and the widow Marion with her son. Mr. Boogedy made a pack with the Devil, his soul for a magic cloak so he could win the heart of the widow Marion. One day when Marion’s son, Jonathan was sick and they were taking him to the doctor, Mr. Boogedy jumped out and took Jonathan to his house. He held the boy hostage, threatening Marion that if she didn’t marry him that very night, she’d never see he son again. To make sure she went along with his plane, he decided to cast his very first spell with the cloak but instead blew up his house, making it vanish into thin air. Any house that has been built on that spot has become haunted. The three of them became ghosts, haunting that area for 300 years and Jonathan still has his cold. The kids try to tell their parents that the place is haunted but don’t believe them till things in the house start coming to life and going after them. They find out later that the widow Marion cannot enter the house to get her son because the magic that keeps Mr. Boogedy in the house, keeps her out and she tells them that he has to be destroyed. Their sons later meet Jonathan in the basement, he tells them that Mr. Boogedy scared the last family that was there. The whole family finally finds Mr. Boogedy, silliness abound as he starts using the Dad’s gags against them till the younger boy got him with the shop vac that was chasing him, pulling his cloak off thus destroying him well not really because at the end, the clown pops from the vac as the Dad says “There’s no such thing as ghosts” and it says “You wanna bet!” and winks. All is well as Marion is reunited with her son. (I know I suck at synopsis!)

I really wish they’d release it on DVD, all fixed up and ready for the new kiddos but then again some parents would have a problem that Mr. Boogedy made a deal with the Devil for his cloak (which is a guy in a red devil costume) It can’t be any worse than what kids see anymore. PLEASE Disney! Put this on DVD for us older folks! They also made Bride of Boogedy, which I don’t remember at all but wish they’d put out again.

I'll be doing another movie later tonight or tomorrow.

Update: I found out that the same person on YouTube also has Bride of Boogedy. All I have to say to this person is, THANK YOU! Thank you so much!

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